My Project List

School is back in and the start of the school year feels so much more like a new start than January 1 ever does. In January I make resolutions, but in September I make lists.

Art. Get. It. Done. We have made some decisions about the art in this house. Orders have been placed and are on their way to our house. (When I say this, I imagine framed photos flying through the sky Harry Potter style.) Once everything arrives it needs to go on the wall, previous holes patched and weird former frame shadows dealt with. Remember this baby? It came back in stock and I snapped it up. springtime Corral the mess in the car. Less fun than art or anything else on the list, but I won’t turn down an opportunity to buy yet another basket. One central location for all of the kid stuff in the car. BRING IT.

Mini Bathroom Makeover. Along with the art going into our downstairs bathroom comes some rearranging. I need to buy a shelf and do whatever it is one does to make that shelf cute. Also, new towels. Something cute and fun because it’s the bathroom that everyone sees.

Launch a semi-secret project we’ve been working on behind the scenes. Because I’m impatient… here’s a little teaser. Long Story Short with Megan and Wendy Enjoy this school year. We’re in early days of the year and I’m hyper focused on the non-stop drop off and pickups. I want to enjoy this year. This is Bubette’s last year in preschool, so I want to have fun with her on her days off. Bub is loving his teacher this year, and I want to keep that alive.

Pick up more freelance work. Over the last year I’ve had a chance to pick up a decent amount of freelance work to the point that I could legitimately say that I was working. Let’s keep that up.

Finish playroom pillows. I picked up the pillowcases during the first week of summer and they’ve been sitting in my hall closet for months now. They need a little love before they’re ready for their closeup. Linking up with Andrea today! Check out everyone else’s project lists here.