Brand new information!

You guys, I’m super excited to tell you that today Wendy and I are launching a new YouTube channel with our very first video. Today we’re talking after school routines and trying to stave off the inevitable after school meltdown. It’s hard to be excited about the kids being back in school when you know the afternoon holds so much woe.  I share my pro tips there, and here I’ll tell you that the day we filmed that video was the day of the most epic meltdown in the history of this household. So! My best advice is to do your best and know that sometimes a late soccer practice the night before will completely screw with all of your parenting moves.

We’ll have new videos every Monday, and we’ll be talking about everything from life, parenting, beauty, health, favorites, holidays and more. If you have anything you would like to see us talk about, let me know!

If YouTube is your thing, you can subscribe here (and we will be eternally grateful.)