What’s Up Wednesday

What's Up Wednesdsay

What we’re eating this week – It’s too hot to cook, but how amazing does this green tomato caprese salad look?

What I’m reminiscing about – We had a great summer vacation earlier this month including roadtripping, lake time, and fourth of July fireworks. We’re far enough removed that I’ve forgotten the miserable drive home and I’m just remembering the good bits. I need to get it all down in words and post it here.

What I’m loving – Iced coffee, Oreo thins, and this Clinque lip balm in the color Coming Up Rosy.

What we’ve been up to – Wendy and I went to VidCon last week and there will be more on that later this week. I’ll tell you that it’s basically 20,000 teenagers screaming at big name YouTubers along with a few other people, like us, wandering around wondering what we have gotten ourselves into.

What I’m dreading – Many more months of heat. We’re at the point where I’m sure I’ll never wear jeans again, never be cold again, never open the curtains in my house again for fear of letting in the heat. I don’t enjoy the summer, you guys. I’m sorry.

What I’m working on – Editing like crazy to prep for a fun Long Story Short project. Mapping out the best places to eat for our vacation. Planning mini-makeovers for my closet and office.

What I’m excited about – Vacation! Without my kids! To celebrate my 10th anniversary! In a place with highs in the 70’s and lows in the 50’s at night! (Which of those things am I most excited about? It’s hard to say!) (The hotel also has nightly beach bonfires with s’mores, afternoon cookies in the lobby and ice cream Saturdays. You had me at s’mores.)

What I’m watching/reading – You know I love Big Brother and I’m watching it religiously and recapping it over here. I’m also still working through Orange is the New Black. I’m reading nothing good and could use your recommendations (especially with a trip coming up!)

Old Navy Swing DressWhat I’m listening to – Loving the Ear Biscuits podcast. Other podcasts topping my list of faves are: Reply All, Startup, Dear Hank & John and Totally Married (as per usual.)

What I’m wearing – As little as possible. I bought this dress from Old Navy when it was on super sale and I love it. It’s worth every bit of the $12 I spent on it, and I’m wishing I had it in other colors. (Just noticed it comes in navy. MUST HAVE.)

What I’m doing this weekend – Bub has a birthday party at a waterpark and we’re celebrating my mom’s birthday. Lots of cake on the agenda, just like I like it!

What I’m looking forward to next month – It’s our anniversary. Ten years! It’s also my husband’s birthday and I paid attention during a recent shopping trip and have lots of gift ideas for him. I have a few little projects planned for the end of the summer – taking advantage of the fact that I’ve got an extra adult around full time to help me out.

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