Highs and Lows

High: We went to the beach for the second weekend in a row. It was actually warm beach weather this weekend, but it wasn’t last weekend. We go knowing that we may or may not even put a toe in the water but we pack a cooler full of food and a bucket full of toys and hang out in the sun for a few hours. There are a surprising number of people at the beach in January, but it is still large expanses of empty sand, perfect for me and private beach dreams.

The Beach in January #sorrynotsorry

Low: My car is full of sand. Everywhere. In places no vacuum is ever going to remove.

High: On the way home from the beach we stopped at our pool. The pool isn’t heated but the jacuzzi is and for the first year ever we’ve discovered that we basically have the place to ourselves in January. We pop into the jacuzzi and then run home before we freeze to death. Everyone takes hot baths and gets into their pajamas and lo, it is glorious.

Low: Consistent January leg shaving is kind of a bummer.

High: The kids were in bed and asleep before 7:00pm on both Saturday and Sunday. We were in bed and asleep by 8:30 both nights.

Low: The kids were WIDE AWAKE before 6:00 Sunday and Monday mornings. I mean, WIDE awake.

High: A Monday with no plans!

Low: Now I have no excuses to avoid the disaster in my closet.

(Eight hours later I realize that I never hit publish on this post. I did drink a giant coffee and then cleaned my entire closet! I started the process weeks ago but made almost no progress other than making a giant donate pile. After today I have three bags of trash, and two big bags to donate. And every single thing is off the floor, folded, hanging or currently in the wash.)

High: I headed out to pick up Bub to find the temperature had dropped and it started raining.

Low: There is no low. Bring on the rain.