Blue Apron – What we ate, what we thought

I had the chance to try Blue Apron recently because a friend of mine is a member and had three free meals to give away. This post is not sponsored in any way.

You pick the week you want to start, and yes you need to give them a credit card number, but you can cancel before the next week’s delivery. Just to be safe I logged in immediately after ordering our free box and canceled delivery for the next three weeks, just in case I didn’t remember to cancel the service if that’s what we decided to do.

Blue Apron


Blue Apron is $60 per week which includes three two serving meals. The meals are delivered in a refrigerated box. I don’t know when our box was delivered, but it was ninety-something degrees that day and the ice packs were still frozen solid and the food was all still very cold when we came home in the afternoon. They give you instructions for recycling the box, but that’s A LOT of packing material to be delivered and recycled each week. It would be great if they could reuse the boxes and packaging materials as they were all but brand new when I received them and could easy be used a number of times.

The meals in our box were turkey meatballs and linguine, togarashi spiced tilapia and jade pearl rice, and Cuban sandwiches.

Each meal comes with everything you’ll need except for olive oil, salt and pepper. There are adorable little bottles of sesame oil and small packets with seasoning measured out. In addition, the meals come with full color recipe cards with detailed, photographed step by step instructions and you can also find the directions online. Each meal took roughly 30 minutes to cook

I thought all of the meals were fantastic, but my husband only ate one of them – the turkey meatballs and linguine. This was simply a matter of logistics. The week our order arrived our schedule was pretty wacky, so we weren’t all eating at the same time. Plus, the kids and my husband had lasagna one night and that was a dairy disaster for me, so I made myself a real meal rather than a bowl of cereal.

I liked all of the food, with the exception of the sauce that I made for the pasta which was pretty tasteless. The meatballs were great though and it could have been the tomatoes that were flavorless, or user error. I’m a jarred pasta sauce kind of lady, but I’ll definitely be making my own meatballs again soon. The Cuban sandwiches were my personal favorite and the homemade pickled cucumbers that were added to them really knocked the meal out of the park.

Would I order again? Not regularly. I could see ordering this as a treat for us once in a while but it’s not realistic for us to do this on a regular basis. For one thing, the $60 price point is for two-serving meals. I think you can bump your meals up to four servings, but the food is a little adventurous for my kids’ taste and this would be a waste of food on a pretty large scale. $60 also seems like a lot for three meals. If you’re eating out a lot, then $20 per meal for two people is a great price. We eat out infrequently and my weekly grocery budget is about $150.

I think this would make a fun gift for someone, and I think maybe I’m not their target audience. If we were both working and childless, if our kids had more adventurous tastes, if we regularly ate a separate meal than our kids, if our weekly dinner budget were different – all of these would be better reasons for us to continue to use the service.

All of that said, I can’t stress enough that I thought the food was great, packaged well, and contained clear and easy to follow directions. Once you’ve specified your dietary needs, there isn’t any further choice in the meals, so if you don’t want something you would have to skip a week, which is easy to do.

Have you tried one of these services? I have friends that have tried and liked Plated, and I would love to hear what you think of them.