Weekend Reads


My Adventures in Pinterest co-hosts killed it last month with their projects.

Anna’s photo coasters are on my must-try list. It hadn’t even occurred to me to use Instagram photos, but they’re such an obvious fit.

I’ve already printed Jessica’s to-do list printable (and I love that she made it just big enough for these little clipboards I had to have from Target.)

Wendy’s reclaimed wood succulent display is Pottery Barn worthy.


Are you a yes mom? I’m not most days, but loved this post about being more intentional with my responses to the kids.

In that same vein, I loved this compliment that Erica received. Speaking of Erica, she took her kids to Australia and New Zealand. Can you even imagine the flight? She’s such a calm and graceful parent.


I love reading to my kids at bedtime, but for Bub we have to work a bit to find books that are fun for me to read and him to listen to. He and and are in a nice little grove with chapter books. (He reads on his own as part of his homework, but we still like reading to the kids ourselves, and will do that for as long as they’ll let us.)

Liz from Say Yes wrote a great round up of chapter books for young children. The focus here is more on books to read to your kids, which is great, because that’s what we’re doing. The reading level isn’t as important as the story.

Shalini, a librarian, author and friend of mine, wrote about chapter book suggestions for early elementary kids. Many of these are series, which is great because when we find something we like it’s nice to know that we can settle in to those for a while.

That’s all for Saturday! We’re in for a pretty typical weekend of soccer today and some Easter playdating with a college friend of my husband’s tomorrow. What’s on your plate? Read anything good on the internet this week?