Merry Everything!

Well, that was a completely unintentional blog hiatus that we took there. December is my very favorite, but for the first time ever I’m feeling a bit blah this month. We’re doing all of our normal Christmas things, and if I were to make a checklist (gingerbread houses, advent calendars, Disneyland Christmas parade) I would be pleased with the amount of holiday things we have done. Man though, I am just not feeling it.

Our holiday party is this weekend and that kick starts a week of holiday activities, so I’m really hoping that my mood changes, and quickly.

Some highlights from this year, in spite of my attitude:

*Advent Calendars. The kids love them as much as ever. My mom did a spectacular job of making sure each window was filled with an identical item for each child. My husband and I filled advent calendars for each other this year and it’s my new favorite holiday tradition. We share a calendar, so I take the odd days and he takes the even ones. Mine had included chapstick, a bookmark,  lots of candy, and an Ulta gift card(!) It’s a fun tradition and I highly recommend it.

*Buddy the Elf. Elf haters be damned. Our little Buddy simply moves around the house and the kids delight in being the first to find him in the morning. Bub has started to ask questions about Santa this year, and although I think he still really believes, I know that eventually this sort of all consuming Christmas magic will fade and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

*Cold, crisp, weather. You know all of of that complaining I did about the heat? I am positively giddy about the fact that I can wear boots and scarves, sleep under a blanket, and use the seat heaters in my car.

*Candles. Is this the most ridiculous item on this list? Yes, but oh man have I fallen head over heels in love with the Bath and Body Works candles. The day that they were on sale for $8 I was at home with a rather sick Bubette, so I just keep eyeing the sales and waiting for the prime time to bring home more Marshmallow Fireside.

*Party! Our holiday party is always a high point of the holiday season, because I get to see so many people who carve out this one evening to get a babysitter and share some holiday cheer. This year my kids may be attending the party for the first time ever, as my mom has pneumonia. (Say a little prayer for her?) She swears she’ll be in babysitting form by Sunday, but we’re fully prepared to have the kids make an appearance, and then tuck them into our bed with a movie and piles of Christmas cookies.  My attitude toward the Christmas party food follows the same trajectory – a few weeks before I plan the menu, saying we’ll have plenty of food and reminding myself that this isn’t the last meal that people will eat. Then the days prior to the party I panic about empty platters and rumbling tummies. I outsourced all of the food this year, with the exception of the desserts. I think I’m just going to overcompensate with lots of sugary treats and hope for the best.

We’ve been in the holiday spirit over on Long Story Short, too.

Last week we talked about our holiday favorites in this Holiday Style Tag. Wendy rains all over two of my favorite wintery things. (I need to know what Christmas movies just aren’t your jam. Leave them in the comments! Me, I really don’t enjoy Scrooged, The Ref or (I’m afraid to admit it) It’s a Wonderful Life. )

This week I shared my favorite Christmas treat – Reindeer Food.  I’m making a second batch today for the party. It’s sweet and salty and crunchy and delicious.

Wendy and I have set a goal of 100 subscribers to our channel by Christmas and we’re only seven away! Will you help put us over the edge?

Happy Holidays everyone!