Summer So Far

Summer has been FLYING by. We have yet to have a full blown sitting around the house day, because we’ve just been so busy. Here are a few of our summer highlights.

IKEA Shopping Day

One of the highlights of having my husband home all summer is all of the errands I get to run all by myself. My first solo outing of the summer was a trip to IKEA where I wandered the aisles for much longer than I had planned to (because I was lost) and bought supplies for all sorts of projects I have planned. So far everything is sitting in the hall closet untouched, except for the small ceramic pots that I put a few cute little plants in to.

DIY Desk Painting

*We got a wild hair and decided to paint the desktop in our office. We were planning to drop some money on having a pretty wooden desktop made (the desk is built in and the drawers and cabinets underneath are white.) I fell in love with about a million options online, and then we thought of better ways to spend that money. A friend suggested we try our hand at painting it, and so I did. It looks just okay. There are a LOT of brush marks from the polycrylic I used to seal the paint, and if I put anything too heavy on top of the paint it sticks. So anything that needs to be moved EVER has had little felt strips hot glued to it, and everything else will just stay in place.

*We are spending a ton of time at the pool. Our new favorite thing is Friday night dinner at the pool with whichever friends are available. Everyone brings something, the kids swim themselves exhausted, and bedtime is a snap. I have no pictures at the pool. I live in fear of another water damaged phone.

*I am not the biggest fan of the beach, mostly because it is so darn crowded at this time of year, but also because it’s stressy for a highly anxious parent like myself. We went a few weeks ago late in the afternoon, brought dinner, and played until the sun went down. Since we went so late in the day the beach got less crowded as time went on. It was awesome.

Enormous Sunglasses

*For the first time in our nine year marriage I joined my husband in the backyard inflatable pools. He’s been buying himself a pool every summer, since long before we had children, and I’ve never really wanted to join in, but it was really quite nice.

California to Wyoming Road Trip

*We took a road trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming that took us through 6 states and over 30 hours of driving. I have much more to say about that, as you can imagine.

Disneyland Summer

*Disneyland! The last time we went to Disneyland you never would have known it was a summer day. We walked right on everything, and Bubette even managed to grab autographs from Doc and Sofia. We had ten rides and two characters in our pocket by 10:30am, and then it got hot and we left.

Summer, you’re pretty great.