In the Dressing Room – Target

Last week I had some glorious free time in Target, so I grabbed a few shirts and headed for the dressing room. August is always the month I start to feel so OVER my warm weather clothes and so frustrated that I have to keep wearing them for a while. I was dreaming of fall sweaters and jeans and boots.

I am so frustrated writing this  because the Target website is so horrible and I can’t find half of the things I tried in, but we’re going to try this anyway.

First up this tissue tee. These were hanging, not on a folded table, and they were $10. Unfortunately this white one was too see-through and too clingy in all of the wrong places. I can’t find this shirt online, but this boyfriend tee is close, I think.

Mossimo Tissue tee

I added the Mossimo Boyfriend Cardigan over the top. These are on sale and there’s a Cartwheel offer on these again this, bringing them down to $12. I didn’t buy them, but they have a ton of colors and they’re good layering pieces for when it starts to cool off here.

Mossimo Boyfriend Cardigan

I love popover shirts like this. This one was a little sheer, but it was really lightweight and would have been a good transitional piece. The buttons gaped a bit, but such is my lot in life. I would need a tank under this for the sheerness, so I would probably just leave the top few buttons undone anyway. (That link looks exactly like the shirt I bought but mine wasn’t on clearance.)

Merona Favorite Shirt

Another popover, plaid this time. The colors weren’t as bright on this one as they’re showing in this picture. Again with the gaping but again there’s not much to be done about that. I couldn’t find this one on the website but they have a ton of these in store in a number of different colors.

Mossimo Blue Plaid Popover

Finally I have this striped boatneck shirt, and this is why the Target website needs a complete revamping. The website calls this a buttonfront shirt and yet THERE ARE NO BUTTONS. A search for boatneck shirts pulls this up, but the description is all wrong. OH WELL. I wanted to love this shirt but it was just off and wrong and no. I don’t think it looks terrible in this picture, but it was a mess.

Merona Striped Boatneck Tee

1. This was fun, let’s do it again!
2. Preferably in a room that doesn’t force me to look at my backside in every photo.
3. Also preferably in a room that isn’t RED. Good gracious I’m pink in these photos.

Where should I go next?