Almost There

I have this dream where Sundays are the perfect combination of restful and productive, where I wake up Monday morning and lunches are prepped for the week and meals are planned and my outfits are laid out for the week. My husband is actually way ahead of my on this one. He plans his work outfits for the week, and while he would probably object to my use of the word outfit there, he does put together a shirt, tie and pair of pants for every work day.

Today we went to the grocery store and Costco after I had planned meals for the week, so I bought everything we needed. I came home and baked a ton of chicken to use in the dinners, and on salads for lunch. We planned and ordered a bunch of stuff for Bub’s room makeover. We watched It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, because the networks need to get it together and show that before Halloween, not on Halloween night.

I have piles of clean laundry, but no outfits planned. Part of the problem is our dumb weather, which fluctuates by about 30 degrees, so I basically need two outfits to make it through the day without sweating to death or freezing, or I need a lot of layers. Tomorrow I’ll be standing in my closet bemoaning last night me because I’ll still be uninspired in the morning, and I’ll have to change before school pick up or I’ll melt in whatever I decide works best at 6:00am.

Also, I think I need new jeans.

Shall we talk dinner? On the menu this week, to be supplemented as necessary with some sort of pantry pasta, brinner and leftovers:

Korean Beef Rice Bowl

Crunchy Black Bean Tacos

White Chicken Chili

See, even if the weather refuses to cooperate, we’re making wintery meals, if it kills me.

Day three, DONE.

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