Disney Cruise Hacks

A few people asked follow up cruise questions after my mega post on our Disney Cruise. Ask and you shall receive! Namely people wanted to know how to save money on a Disney Cruise. Here’s what I know!

How to Save Money on a Disney Cruise

Where do you find cheap cruises? That, my friends, is a very good question. We had October on our side. October is a notoriously inexpensive travel month. We booked about six weeks out. Had we booked this very same cruise a year ago, we would have likely paid more. When a cruise line has unsold rooms, they want to book them and the prices drop. We had to book on a guarantee, which means you choose a room category and you’re guaranteed that room category or better. Some people really, really hope for a better category than they pay for, and sometimes they get it. Traditionally, you can choose your exact room, and there are loads of websites with room reviews on them.  I just wasn’t that picky. I picked a room category we would have been happy with, and booked that.

I say that, because all of the good cheap cruise search sites in the world are not going to help you if you want to cruise in July. They’re just not. But if you have the ability to travel during off times, then this will be helpful.

No, really, how much did you save. Okay, I can’t do a direct comparison, but we were looking at a July cruise with friends. Seven nights in the Caribbean. Then, we ended up choosing a 4 night Bahamas cruise. BUT. The different between the four and seven night cruise in October, was roughly $350. A steal for three extra nights! We thought four nights was the better option with me traveling solo. The savings of our cruise over the July cruise? 75%! Nearly 7500 US Dollars we didn’t spend. I’m not kidding when I say October is the month.

Castaway Cay

Helpful tip #1VacationsToGo.com Vacations To Go has a listing of tons of cruises from just about every, if not actually every, cruise line. You can search by cruise line, departure port, month, even specific ships. Turns out, the cost wasn’t actually a discounted price from what we could book directly from Disney, but it is nice to look at all of the cruises next to each other to do a quick comparison on price.

Helpful tip #2 – If you’re booking a Disney cruise, do so through Costco. That didn’t save us any money directly, but you do get a Costco Cash card based on how much money you spend, and that’s a nice treat after your vacation. If you look at that amount as money saved on the cruise, that’s a several hundred dollar savings right there.

Helpful tip #3 Disney gift cards from Target. So apparently, some people are really committed to saving money, and they work the system. People buy Disney gift cards, specifically the ones that say they can be used on the cruise line, because that’s not the case on all of the gift cards. Use your Target credit or debit card to pay, and then apply your gift cards to your cruise. Since gift cards come in a maximum amount of $50 (or maybe $100) that’s a whole lot of gift card redeeming before that 5% is going to make a difference, but to each his own.

This ends the cruise talk portion of November.

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