Favorite Things – May Edition

Wishing you all a happy Memorial Day! We’re going four for four on this long weekend for grilling our dinners. We turned our oven on to make a frozen pizza for lunch yesterday and that’s the one time I’ve cooked something in my house all weekend. It’s been great! Sending love and gratitude to all of the men and women who serve our country, and the families that support them.

Today I’m playing along with Andrea and Erika naming some of my favorite things under $10.

Totally acceptable since they’re free! Current favorites include the entire Totally series (Laime, Married, Mommy.) Inspired by Wendy, I’m going back and listening to Totally Married from the beginning. Since I occasionally listen in the car (depending on the content!) Bubette has started saying “TOTE-ally Married!” just like they do in the intro. (I might have a problem.) Also topping the podcast charts for me: This is Reality, The Momo Show, Fresh Air, Nerdist and This American Life.

 favorite podcasts

Adorable Water Cups
Just under the wire at $9.99, this mug is my constant companion. I’m much more likely to drink water if it’s in a fun cup with a straw. I bought the companion set of stripey straws so I can change things up now and then.

aladdin mugNetflix
We were VERY late adopters of Netflix, but now I’m all in. We’re still working through the West Wing, I can’t get enough of Scandal, The New Girl is a new and totally delightful find, and I’m clearing my calendar for the release of season 2 of Orange is the New Black. My kids are going to flip when they see that Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 is an option for our next movie night. (Every Friday!)

Sharpie Pens
Have we talked about the pens before? It seems impossible that I haven’t brought them up, but I’m mentioning them now because I love them the most of all. I just bought myself a new notebook for a new work project. (I really know how to live.) and the notebook combined with these pens is an instant happy place.

sharpie pens
Dole Dippers
Run, don’t walk, to get these right now. I’ve heard they have them with almonds, and also in a chocolate covered strawberry version, but I haven’t seen those yet. I bought the enormous Costco box of these and no one else likes them but me, because we have things that are more fun like ice cream sandwiches and other dairy bombs that I can’t have. That’s just fine with me. More for mama.

dole dippers

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  1. says

    Girl!!! This was some good stuff!!! First of all, I’m so untechy and have NO idea what a podcast is, but I’m going to google it RIGHT after I leave this comment. Those chocolate-covered banana things…YUM!!! I think that sounds DELISH!! And…we’re late subscribers to Netflix too!! We just started recently and I’m loving it!!! Thanks for linking up!!

  2. says

    I’ve been meaning to tell you I started listening to Totally Married after you mentioned it a few months ago. Back in February, I think? I listen to all three of the totallys now:)

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