Marshmallow Pops

We’re having a baby shower here on Saturday, and while my main contribution is the house, I did offer to make these little marshmallow treats.

marshmallow pops

I can not make a cake pop to save my life. They’re cute and they’re delicious, but I’ve officially given up. I’ve tried several times, and no matter what you tell me, I will not believe that they are easy. But, I can make these super simple marshmallow pops, that are easily as cute as a cake pop and about seventeen steps more simple. A friend told me I would have to teach her how to make these, and so here is the tutorial. I assure you, a monkey could successfully make these pops.

Start with your ingredients.

Marshmallow Pop Supplies

  • Chocolate chips or candy melts (I typically use the Wilton brand that you can find at Michael’s if I need a color.)
  • Marshmallows
  • Sprinkles (optional, but CUTE)
  • Straws or lollipop sticks (Or you can use something edible like a candy cane or a pretzel, but that never occurs to me as I’m making these.)

Melt the candy per the directions on the package. The candy melts call for being melted at 50% power for a minute and a half, and then to continue heating in 30 second increments, stirring in between, until all of the candy is melted.

I didn’t take a picture of the step by step process, but essentially you dip the marshmallow into the melted chocolate, and place it on a cookie sheet to dry. If you’re going to use sprinkles, you want to add them immediately. I usually dip two or three marshmallows and then sprinkle them, otherwise the candy will dry and not hold the sprinkles.

Once your candy or chocolate has hardened, add your lollipop stick. Some people add these before dipping, but then you have to find a more creative way to dry your pops, and I have never had a problem with adding the sticks after the marshmallows have been dipped.

You can display your marshmallows any way you want, but I typically wrap them in a treat bag and tie them with a ribbon.

Marshmallow Pops

These can be customized to work with any theme. You can tie a thank you tag on with the ribbon and use them as party favors, or they make a cute addition to the ubiquitous dessert table.

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  1. says

    I don’t know who’s telling you cake pops are easy. I’ve made them like 5 times and they continue to be a giant pain every time. (But I love cake, so I make them anyway.)

    These, however, look cute AND easy!


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