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Penn and Teller on Vaccines

Can Stay at Home Mothers and Working Mothers Really be Friends? by Petroni Fear not, this post isn’t divisive or link bait-y. What it’s really asking, and does ask, is HOW can they be friends. (She also wrote a great post about behavior incentives this week. As we just reached 100 stars on our good listening chart I’m wondering if we should start over or try something new.)

On Bullet Journaling. I’ve been intrigued by the idea of Bullet Journaling ever since Zoot first mentioned it. Now A’Dell is on board, and using my favorite pens  at the same time, and I’m thinking I might need to jump on board this particular bandwagon.

Did you see this navy blue accent wall in the show house that Young House Love is working on? I want it, and I’ve even got my husband on board! We’ve been wanting to redo our boring, builder grade mantle for a while, and I think this might just be the thing to make it a transition worth tackling. Now the question is, the mantle in question is part of our great room, which includes our kitchen, and the kitchen has tan/black/white granite on the counters. WHAT STONE DO WE USE ON THE FIREPLACE? I love that Carrera Marble so much, but it doesn’t work in the room with the other granite does it? HELP ME.

I really want to read all of the books on Whoorl’s list of Books for Mind Body and Spirit. This has been a year of major transition for me. I sent both kids to school and immediately over-committed myself. After I see these commitments through to the end, I want to spend this summer figuring out what I want next year to look like and then take actual steps to make that happen. Note that I often chart years in terms of the school year, given that even my husband has a summer break and that’s a period of peace for our family, if not in the literal sense. (Two kids home all day every day tend to get rather loud after a while, you know.)

To end on a high note, I dare you to watch this video of Jimmy Kimmel, The Roots and Idina Menzel doing Let it Go and not smile. Watch their faces. Instant mood booster.

The We Can’t Stop Jimmy Kimmel/The Roots collaboration is also delightful.

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